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The great thing with the Wealth Infusion Online Trading program is that you will be able to understand how to manage risk and trade smarter.

You’ll discover how to generate returns when the market goes up, down or sideways and take control of your financial future.

“This training has been so helpful and something I would recommend to anyone.

I really enjoyed it, as there were so many things I’d never thought about.

For those who feel they can’t spare the time, don’t waste time any longer, you only need limited time to apply these principles to see a large return on your investment.”

Christo Kruger


So Here’s What You Get

This course includes everything you need to get started creating an

Additional Stream of Income!

Our step by step video modules will guide you through how to successfully and profitably trade Shares while managing risk effectively.

All modules can be watched at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to our comprehensive home study course, you’ll be able to go from complete beginner to mastering the art of Share trading so you can start earning an income whenever, wherever.

Module 1- Basics, Brokers and Platforms

5 Reasons why the Stock Market is your vehicle to Financial Freedom, getting you results without investing thousands.

Discover which type of trading will fit into your lifestyle.

The basics of trading, all you need to know, and nothing that is not required to be a successful trader.

Demystifying the search for reputable brokers and platforms to use in trading saving you hours of searching for the right information.


Module 2- Discipline and Rules of Trading

The discipline required to trade successfully.

The golden rules of trading, what works and what doesn’t.


Module 3 – Identify shares and built your Watch list.

How to identify profitable shares and build your Watch List to save time and money.


Module 4- Setting up indicators

Step by step method on how to set up trading charts once, and use them every time.


Module 5 – Identifying Entry and Exit

Identifying and maximizing entry and exit points, to keep your profits high and the losses low.


Module 6- Risk Management

How to manage risk effectively and sufficiently with you in the pound seats.


Module 7- Test your strategy to build confidence

How to build your confidence in trading and making sure your strategy is working, with limited time and money.


Module 8- Mindset

How to create a positive mindset and achieving your goals.

3 x 60 minutes Skype Sessions

I will have access to 3 x 60 minutes Skype sessions, one-on-one to guide me through using Wealth Infusion program and any questions I might have.

Value: £ 997

2 months Email Access

I will have access to 3 months email access, so that I can so you fast track your my way to success.

Value: £ 497

The Secrets, Strategies and Step By Step Process To Make It Work Year After Year

“ Firstly, the Wealth Infusion Online Stock Trading Course was amazing, with action points after each section to help you progress all the way through. I loved his personal story, and it made me feel connected. What I love about Jéan is that he is true to his word and very approachable. He is also very good at keeping my focus where it needs to be and making sure I understand every step of the way. He explains that everything is a process; keeping to a routine and format makes success stress-free. I thoroughly recommend Jéan’s trading system and mentoring to everyone.”

Nathan Howard

Full Time Pharmacy Student

I have been a student of Significant trading for 6 weeks now. I undertook a course that they ran, which I found to be extremely helpful especially to someone that had little knowledge. This has become my strategy and foundation for extra learning which Jean & Linda are helping me with weekly. These sessions are also very informative and Jean will not move on until I am happy I understand. Jean is now helping me with identifying trades and executing them. The trades that Jean has shown and helped me with are all in profit. The only losses I have is where I have not followed the disciplines however Jean still goes through these in detail on where I went against the plan. I highly recommend Jean and Linda for both the course and one to ones. Thanks, both and may the profits continue.

Justin Truman

Self Employed

“If you are looking for a course that would help you start trading with no previous experience or knowledge, this is the one to go for. The content is concise and to the point, everything needed for someone to start trading is included. You can tell that Jean and Linda are very experienced traders and they can give an answer and a solution for your queries. Any queries are answered promptly and nothing seems to be too much for them, they take care of you through your journey. This course gets top marks from me. Jean and Linda give you the tools but you have to commit to the strategy and be disciplined with your learning if you want to achieve success.”.

Vicente Ferrer

Self Employed

Stock Market Trading Is One Of The Most Rewarding And Profitable Things You Can Do!
AND….. it will can pay you every single day!


Trading Diary

Our Personal Trading Diary which will help to track your trades. E.g. And avoid costly mistakes of doing it yourself and days or weeks of wasted time.

Value: £49

Money Works in Stocks & Shares

Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Investing In Stocks And Shares! E.g. And avoid costly mistakes of doing it yourself and days or weeks of wasted time.

Value: £39

Power Mindset Mastery

PROVEN and Time-Tested Tools and Strategies that you can use immediately to achieve anything that you want out of life!

Value: £47

Total Value: £3 983

Total Price: £997

Significant-Trading | Learn to Trade Stocks and Shares

How to Grow your Finances by 69% in less than 12 months With Limited Time & Money.

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Significant-Trading | Learn to Trade Stocks and Shares

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