Step 1

Decide how much time you have to devote to . We all have busy lives, and even more now than before. But with everything else, we have to prioritize what is important. Is the pain you are experiencing now for not having enough finance more than the time it is going to take, you to trade for one hour a day. Then again, trading can take as much time or as little time you have. It all depends what you have available and what your goals are. More time does not necessarily mean more money.

Step 2

Set your goals. Without goals, how will you know if you are successful. It is like a road map. Without the map, or directions, how will you know if you have arrived at your destination or even better, where you were going to. By setting goals, we have something to work towards. When you decide you want to loose weight or if you want that new car, you know what you are working towards. When you start trading, you are not just going to trade for a hobby. A hobby costs money, we are here to make money, making money feels good, and that is how we will be able to sip the gin and tonic on the beach, or listen to the crashing of the waves. So when we work, we work hard, and when we play, we play hard. Life is fun, but we need to know where we are going. Are you up for the ride?

Step 3

Create a space to work, either under a palm tree or on your rocking chair, you decide. As long as you have a device, ( laptop, ipad) you are settled and can start trading. Where you feel comfortable with fewer distractions. Age does not come into play, however it seems that more mature adults seems to be better traders.

Step 4

Sign up for a Demo trading account. This is your playing field. This is where we are going to kick the ball around figuratively speaking, Nobody decides to start running, just to turn up for the Olympic games. Although it might be mighty cool if you are good enough just to turn up. We all have to the ropes, and what better way than starting with your training wheels on. One suggestion however is not to get stuck with the training wheels as this can be your downfall. Nothing compares to the real deal. Sooner or later, but rather sooner you will need to start trading, start small, make sure you have your % worked out, etc, but that is all in the training.

Step 5

Learn the rules of the game to win this game. Everywhere in life you have opportunity to advance and to take part, the better you know the rules of the game the better chance you have of making a success. One wall posts myself and the lovely wife has been encouraged with has always been, “Stopping is not the answer, – Winning is.”