Creating Significant Opportunities to Grow Your Finances

About Significant Trading

Significant Trading is a company focused on creating significant opportunities for individuals through educating easy to use, step by step tools and strategies on global stock markets.

With a special emphasis on trading stocks and shares in the US, Significant Trading Ltd has an reputation for expertise in the area of creating an income stream with limited time and capital available.

About Jéan & Linda Harrington

Jéan and Linda Harrington are two of the foremost trading experts for individuals seeking to create and grow their finances. In addition to being entrepreneurs, educators, motivators and Small business Advisors, they have helped many others find their way toward financial success.

Jéan and Linda are known to be ethical and professional traders whose area of specialty is creating an income from limited resources and growing finances systematically over longer periods of time. They create strategies and tools that facilitate sustained and consistent growth.

What We Offer

Wealth Infusion is an 8 module, intensive trading course for beginner to intermediate traders, which leads you step-by-step through the process of easily making extra cash through online trading.

The Millionaire Trader service is tailor made for individuals who want to excel to the next level of income and trading.

Entry is only granted through a personal interview with the program director.

What People Say

“This training has been so helpful and something I would recommend to anyone. I really enjoyed it, as there were so many things I’d never thought about.
For those who feel they can’t spare the time, don’t waste time any longer, you only need limited time to apply these principles to see a large return on your investment.”

Christo Kruger Johannesburg

The programme  has been sensational.  The content was very useful and easy to understand and implement.

I have been able to increase my account by 69.27%  in 7 months, starting with £752.

Junell Watford

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